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Airlift - Sandbar
Mitchell - Helmet cam

The dramatic and emotional conclusion to the 11-day recovery effort of Sandbar Mitchell from her crash site in Alaska: The airlift the B-25 center section. Director, Patrick Mihalek, placed a GoPro camera on his helmet. Get a first-person perspective of the helicopter arrival, hook-up, and lift.

B-25 Airlift -
Drop zone video

The successful end of the airlift of B-25 Sandbar Mitchell on July 5, 2013.

Actual footage
from the 1960s

This only known film footage of Sandbar Mitchell during her operations as a Fire Bomber as N9088Z in Alaska.

B-25 Sandbar Mitchell at
Johnson Flying Service 1960s

In 1960, seventeen year olds Penn Stohr and Dick Hughes snuck up into the nose of a B-25 as it went on a retardant run down on the Salmon River and not very far downriver from North Fork, Idaho. This B-25 happened to be N9088Z now known as Sandbar Mitchell. Dick brought along his 8mm Brownie camera to records his stowaway activity.