Volunteer Your Time and Skills

Got time to help our museum? Here are a list of projects available to volunteers. These projects grouped into categories. Click on an iteresting project for additonal details.

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Simple and Easy
We have many basic projects that require little or no special skills to complete.

  Janitorial -July2017
  Janitorial - Windows
  Janitorial - June 2017
  Sort hardware & fasteners
  Tool box organization
  Drill Sharpening
  CNC collets and mill bit organizer
  Clean and Paint 50-ton Press
We have many tasks in the shop that can be completed volunteers with general mechanical skills.

  Adjust and rig table saw
  Repair propeller for display
  Fix hangar door cables
  Clear air compressor drains
  Adjust and rig band saw
  Fix Paper Towel Rack
  Repair Glass Nose Platform
  Trim office door
Social Media & Writing
Observe, photograph and write about the many events and accomplishments at the museum. Publish on Facebook, MailChimp, Twitter, and our membership newsletter.

  Usage after WWII
  Featured sponsor - McQuire Spring
Video Production
Record and produce 2 to 5 minute videos stories and documentaries featuring selected aspects of our museum activities and achievements.

  Creative and Inpirational #1
  Veteran Volunteer - John K
  Youth feature - Logan K
  Youth feature - Tyler
  Youth feature - Anthony
  The Real 8Z
  Creative and Inpirational #2
  Youth Mentorship Program
  Creative and Inpirational #3
  Russian B-25
  Restoration Shop Walkthough
Participate in designing and executing fundraising ideas.

  eBay Seller
Participate in organization by taking leadership is some of our functions.

  Advisory Committee
Fabricate various B-25 parts or tools from drawings or from an existing part. Typically a high-skill effort.

  Spring - Landing Gear Retract Handle
  Contact - Throttle switch
  Data Plate Acid Etching
  Spring - Tail Gunner's release
To be a mentor or a student in our youth mentorship program.

  Mentorship Student
Miscellaneous & Special
Other museum projects that are not easily categorized.

  CNC Stop Button
  ASP.NET and Classic ASP
  Vectric Aspire Designer
  Vectric Aspire Tutor
  Create NAA logo in Vectric Aspire