Sandbar Mitchell Warbird of Glory Museum


Warbirds of Glory Volunteer Opportunities


Restoration of the Sandbar Mitchell   Inquire

Ø  Advanced Sheet Metal work (e.g. Metal forming, English Wheel operation, able to hand form parts from scratch)

Ø  CNC operation

Ø  Drilling and driving rivets

Ø  Sheet Metal Worker

Ø  Milling/turning

Teaching & Mentoring    Inquire

Ø  Active teaching and mentoring of students

Ø  Design of supporting educational materials

Keeping the History Alive   Inquire

Ø  Writing articles for Squadron News

Ø  Acquiring artifacts

Ø  Cataloging/organizing/displaying Guardians of History Collection

Hangar Support    Inquire

Ø  Housekeeping and cleaning

Ø  Acquisition of supplies from local vendors

Museum Support   Inquire

Ø  Create content for Social Media platforms (Facebook, MailChimp, Twitter)

Ø  Help in designing and/or managing Social Media platforms

Ø  Help in the publication of Squadron News

Ø  Serve on the Development Committee

Ø  Help in periodic fundraisers