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Operating our
Link Trainer

A WWII era Link trainer was donated to the museum. It appeared to be in fully intact, so we plugged it in to see what happened. It work! After 70 years, it still worked! We are currently restoring it like-new condition.

During an educational field trip to AirVenture Lt. Col. Dick Cole, Commander Jimmy Doolittle’s co-pilot shared his experiences during the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo in 1942.

Youth Logan about the upcoming
recovery of Sandbar Mitchell

The Museum's first youth volunteer was Logan. He started at 13 years old. At 15, he joined the Recovery Team in Alaska to pull our B-25 Sandbar Mitchell out of the remote wilderness. May 2013.

Lifting the flaps on Sandbar
Mitchell at crash site

Shortly after arriving at the Sandbar Mitchell crash site in 2015 during the recovery mission, Patrick demonstrations that excellent condition of the B-25 by easily lifting the flaps with a few fingers to the retracted and locked position.