Sandbar Mitchell Warbird of Glory Museum


Impact on the community - Mentor, Preserve, Honor

Youth mentoring has always been a part of the restoration of Sandbar Mitchell. It began as an integral part of the Warbirds of Glory Museum concept when in 2013, Patrick Mihalek, Todd Trainor and a team of volunteers, including 15-year old Logan, recovered WWII B-25 bomber from a crash site in Alaska. Nicknamed “Sandbar Mitchell”, they brought the aircraft back to Brighton, Michigan to begin the long process of restoration to flying condition as a memorial to veterans who sacrificed for our freedoms.

Students Sean and Anthony working on details of the B-25 throttle quadrant.
The next generation of Rosie the Riveters! Our student Sarah working on B-25 bomb bay.
12 year old Bryant learns to use a socket to remove the valve cover from an R-2800 radial aircraft engine.
Our students Logan and Sarah are sorting and recording B-25 parts.
Mr. Beckwith teaches 14-year old students, Leland and Colton, how to use the English wheel during a Kittyhawk Academy lesson in metal forming.
Removing the crazed windows from the rear gunner canopy. Youth Bryant, Anthony and Logan.