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Oshkosh 2016 - Drawing
for Nose Art Panel

During Oshkosh, new members were entered into a raffle for a piece of nose art. On the final day of the convention, we drew the winning ticket during a live Facebook feed. Tom Rohr was the winner.

The Warbirds of Glory volunteers and youth just finished setting up our both at Oshkosh AirVenture 2016. Patrick shows our new T-shirt with the 340th BG logo.

A short Facebook live feed from Oshkosh inviting guests to visit our both in Warbird Alley.

Drilling Rivets - Sandbar
Mitchell Center Section

A brief glimpse of Patrick drilling out rivets of the top skin of the B-25 Sandbar Mitchell center section. After drilling 10,000's rivets, he and the youth have become proficient and fast with this operation. Sept 2014.