Sandbar Mitchell Warbird of Glory Museum

Kittyhawk Academy Student Mentorship Program

Our mission at Kittyhawk Academy is to educate future generations in history, aviation maintenance, teamwork, skill trades and good values all through restoring our B-25 Sandbar Mitchell. We accomplish this by engaging persons as young as 14 years old in learning aerospace and industrial skills through a hands-on mentorship program that includes workshop skills, toolmanship, mechanical comprehension and CAD/CAM/CNC processing. Our program is offered at no cost to the students. This is made possible through grants from private foundations, corporate sponsorship, individual contributions and merchandise sales.

Mr. Beckwith works with 14-year old students, Leland and Colton, on how to use the English wheel.

Zelie is working on a lab exercise. She is one of ten students that participate in our four-week youth CAD design class that we offer twice per year.

Students Bryant, Anthony and Logan work on removing the crazed windows from the rear gunner canopy.

Katelyn poses with the work she just completed on the upper canopy assembly. After getting involved with the restoration of Sandbar Mitchell she has decided to pursue a career in Aviation Maintenance.

Student Aaron operating our Tormach CNC making parts for the B-25.

Sarah operating our CNC router, cutting out the molds for the upper section ribs of the bomb bay fuselage.

Colton and Katelyn work on removing parts from a donated B-25 engine mount.

Anthony drilling out rivets in the remaining sections of Sandbar Mitchells forward fuselage.

Logan working on removing the B-25s oil tank sump.

The students the drilled apart Sandbar Mitchells center section.

Aiden removing Clecos which are holding the stringers in place on the B-25 center section.

Tyler created the Warbirds of Glory Logo in CAD and using the CNC router created this decorative signage for the hangar.

Bryant learing about radial engines on our static R-2800 display engine.

Sean sorting through the B-25 Hydraulic lines.

Anthony and his brother Bryant, proudly posing with the parts they made for the B-25 Miss Mitchell.

Anthony and Logan utilizing necessary teamwork skills work together to remove the main control quadrant out of the Mitchells cockpit.

Sean working on the bomb bay section off of the Russian Mitchell, by installing Clecos.

Logan and Sarah inventorying B-25 parts that were donated to the museum.

Anthony, working side by side with his brother Bryant, on removing the rudder pedals from the Mitchells cockpit.

Patrick and some of the student volunteers at Oshkosh 2014 with Lt. Col. Richard Cole. Mr. Cole was the co-pilot of Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle B-25 during the Doolittle Raid. It was an honor for the students to be able to have dinner with him that night.