Sandbar Mitchell Warbird of Glory Museum

Guardians of History
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Gold Level Support - $500

Your role as Guardian provides the financial support needed to bring B-25 Sandbar Mitchell to fly again in remembrance of those who fought for our freedom.

Gold Level is for contributions to the Guardians of History of an amount between $501 and $1000. Gold Level financial support will used for all aspects of our restoration efforts and museum operations, including but not limited to the purchase of aircraft parts, shop supplies, tools, machinery, services, WWII artifacts and other important expenses.

Youth mentorship is an important part of the Warbirds of Glory Museum restoration activities. We strongly believe in training and educating our nation’s youth in trade skills, workshop disciplines and traditional American values. Gold Level financial support through the Guardians of History also helps to support our youth mentorship activities to raise our students to be strong and productive American citizens.

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