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Guardians of History
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The Guardians of History is a fundraising campaign of the Warbirds of Glory Museum.

You're encouraged to become a Guardian by sponsoring an individual B-25 part. As a Guardian of your B-25 part, you become a protector and defender of history by providing financial support to our youth mentoring programs and the restoration of B-25 Sandbar Mitchell to flying condition. You have the exclusive claim to point and say “I saved that part!”

As a Guardian you will be publically honored with your own individualized web page that officially recognizes you are a Guardian with detailed description of your B-25 part.

Additionally, you may honor a loved one, a veteran or leave any sincere message that you want the world to see and remember. This is great for leaving a lasting memory of the greatest generation so they shall never be forgetton.

A Guardian may be any individual, family, business, club, association or group.

You or your group may become a Guardian in one of two ways: Instant sponsorship or via pledge drive.

Instant Sponsorship

In one simply transaction, you or your group may quickly become a Guardian of your chosen B-25 part.

From the list of available B-25 parts on the Guardians of History website, choose your B-25 part that suits your personality and support spending level. Click the “Instant Sponsor” button to claim this part. Complete the simple form, including contact, payment details, and optional memorial message and click the Submit Payment button. You are now a member of the Order of Guardians. Congratulations. And thank you.

Sponsorship Pledge Drive

You can increase your impact and become a Guardian of a bigger or more prestigious B-25 part through the collective effort of a group of individuals. The website provides you the ability to start your own mini pledge drive to encourage other people to join you in a group sponsorship. One person starts the pledge drive with a partial support gift, called a pledge.

The clock starts. You have 30-days to share the customized pledge link to members of your group and encourage them to submit their pledge. When the total individual sponsorship pledges reaches the target amount then your pledge drive is successful and your group is now the exclusive Guardian, defender, and protector of that B-25 part.

From the list of available B-25 parts on the Guardians of History website, choose that B-25 part that your group wants to sponsor. Click the “Pledge Drive” button to start your individualized sponsorship pledge drive. Complete the simple form, including naming your group, contact info, payment details for your first pledge, and an optional memorial message and click “Submit Payment” button.

The website manages the pledge drive process. You simply need to promote your pledge drive by sharing the pledge drive link.


You are given a special web link to your customized “thank you” recognition page. This link is in the form of a BITLY short URL. Save this link. You are encouraged to share this link on social media and email with your friends and family.

All Guardians are listed on the Guardians of History webpage. The four most recent Guardians are listed on the main page, with a button to view the complete list of Guardians. Click on a Guardian’s name to view their recognition page. Each recognition page displays the certificate, memorial message, and details of the B-25 part for which they are the Guardian.

Memorial Message and Photo

A pleasant feature of being a Guardian of History is that you may honor a loved one or anyone that should be remembered forever. This honorary message is proudly displayed below your Guardian certificate.

If you wish to include a photo with your honorary message, please send your photo to He will insert the photo into your customized recognition page.

Only members of the Order of Guardians are authorized to purchase Guardians of History logo apparel and merchandise.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for additional important details.