Warbirds Of Glory Videos

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Intro to the Warbirds
of Glory Museum

A quick introduction of the Warbirds of Glory Museum from Director Patrick Mihalek. He explains how we are saving history by restoring WWII B-25 Sandbar Mitchell. We are mentoring youth while restoring this B-25 to flying condition so that we may fly it around the country to honor our veterans and those who fought for our freedom.

CAD Program Support -
Youth Restoring B-25

This is a request for support for the Warbirds of Glory CAD education program. Learn how students are learning basic workshop skills, CAD designing of B-25 parts, CNC machine operations, and American history while restoring a WWII B-25 bomber, Sandbar Mitchell. This two minute video has captions and no spoken words, so that viewers my experience the request without sound. Please donate to this worthy cause.

CAD Program Support -
Message from Patrick

Director of the Warbirds of Glory Museum explains our new CAD training workshop for our mentorship program. We need your support to launch this program that will provide CAD skills and experience to the students in our program.

Tail Gunner - Rear Compartment
- Youth progress update

Patrick, along with two youth, show you their progress on restoring the B-24 tail gunner's compartment. From disassembly, to factory drawings, to CAD designing of replacement parts, to CNC fabrication of special tools and dies, this Facebook live feed gives you a good idea the restoration progress and our youth program.