Book - The Real Catch-22 Reprint

Many people admire novelist Joseph Heller’s 1961 masterpiece Catch-22. But how many realize that it was based directly on the writer’s own vivid experiences as a 60-mission USAAF bombardier on B-25s in the Mediterranean during World War Two?

This reprint of the 18th issue of The Aviation Historian includes the chapter "The Real Catch-22" which originally appeared on page 92 of Issue 18. The Real Catch-22 (13 pages) profiles Heller’s wartime career and gain an insight into the inspiration for characters including General Dreedle, Snowden the tragic gunner and morally-flexible quartermaster Milo Minderbinder.

This reprint also includes 4 pages of information about the Warbirds of Glory Museum's B-25, Sandbar Mitchell, which is being restored to represent ship 8Z that flew out of Heller's 488th Bomb Squadron. In fact, Joseph Heller flew 2 of his 60 missions in ship 8Z.